Thursday, August 6, 2009

Webquest and Gizmos.

That's the link for my test. It's not the most challenging test in the world but classmaker is a very helpful tool. I keep thinking of 'school of the air' and think that they must be all over these technologies. Enabling is the word I would use for them but there is a process that begins when you first encounter each new ICT. My initial reaction will be either, 'mmm that's handy' or 'yeah, I've seen it and I don't think so'. If it's the former then you begin to use the aid to create components for a learning plan and find other uses for them along the way. Each process seems to offer a new door.
I had just such an experience with gizmos on the ExploreLearning site. With some imagination and tweaking you could deliver very useful, practical or theoretical (or both) learning outcomes. They cater for all learning types with a 75% on the Learning Pyramid retention rate. To see more on Dale's Cone and the Learning Pyramid visit the ACU Adams Centre for Teaching Excellence here:
I can remember when I was introduced to computing, in the early 90s, that virtual science experiments would be a great thing. Now I realize that I was a bit short sighted. There is no reason why these can't be used at all levels of learning. From preschool to Tertiary. I'm going back for a play.

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  1. Simulations - dissect a frog was great new way to incorporate knowledge into a digital world, but still have the old-way - the old teaching incorporated.