Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Watch out for that link, it'll bite ya. Flickr, Picnik, whiteboards, power point. I've been using PowerPoint presentations for many years. I actually use it for word processing and resumes as it often has better watermark colours and text control than Word. You really need to be creative to construct a PowerPoint presentation that isn't corny and too often people rely on them too much rather than delivering the learning package. They can be a useful visual aide but not an adequate substitute for teaching activities.
When I worked with Learning Network Queensland, delivering basic computer courses to the public, I used interactive whiteboards all the time. They're great for demonstrating I.T. processes. It was, in effect, a large desktop and because it was touch sensitive I could walk students through processes step by step in real time.
Flickr and Picknik are fun and can be used in many ways to add content to learning plans. The only limit is our imagination. I don't use these very often if at all. I process images on my laptop and store them on my Yahoo email folders. If I need to use them I can just cut and paste them into presentations. Video is much the same. I made a video on my phone to promote my music business, edited it and added text (all on my phone) and uploaded it to myspace. The possibilities are not endless but they are vast.

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