Saturday, July 4, 2009

e-learing 1st Blog

It's not even start of term yet and already I feel like I'm behind. My teaching experience is limited and the first challenge I see is finding the happy medium between what are often fractious dichotomies. I believe them, in many, cases to be false dichotomies, like that between nurture/nature and that a balance must be struck nut without rigid, unchangeable parameters.My problem is that I have little experience of either the academic (theory) or the delivery (practical). This of course will come with time. I have in my limited time as an instructor with Learning Network QLD encountered the three components of Engagement Theory as describe in the article Engagement Theory: A framework for technology-based teaching and learning, by Greg Kearsley & Ben Shneiderman, e.g. group and project based and outside or practical use, and found them to be very useful and practical.
As I progress in the subject my blogs will become more informed and, with luck and a solid work ethic, more enlightening.